Welcome to Ohio’s Largest Indoor Fish Hatchery!

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If you’re looking for expert advice on recreational pond and water garden setup and maintenance concepts, you’ve come to the right place! Our full line of pumps, DIY fittings, netting, tubing, filtration components, decorative fountains, lighting systems, stocking fish, fish feeds and more provide you with everything you need to get started. We can help you select the aeration system that is right for your needs, including surface, bottom and wind powered systems. We also carry tanks and fish farm equipment to help you create a successful aquaculture endeavor of your very own!
Take home the freshest fish in Ohio! We sell fresh, smoked and frozen trout fillets, seasoned trout patties and our popular smoked trout spreads. We also carry other Dr. Dave approved seafood, including Tilapia, Salmon, Ahi Tuna and other seasonal favorites. Shop an array of specialty foods, Ohio cheeses, locally produced honey, maple syrup and more. Take home custom-made pottery and garden decor created by local artists as well as unique gifts and toys.
Come get up close and personal with rare, endangered fish at our sturgeon petting zoo. Tour the largest indoor hatchery in Ohio. Watch the trout jump for joy and splash in excitement as you feed them by hand in the Trout Feeding Frenzy. Don’t forget to visit our fish farm market before you leave! Join us for a number of great concerts and special events throughout the year, including our Ohio Fish and Shrimp Festival during the third weekend in September.  Our grounds are available for event rentals. Ask us how you can host your next event at Freshwater Farms!

Informative Videos about Freshwater Farms & The Growth of Aquaculture:


Dr. Dave Feeds Fluffy the Alligator: